Steele, John Phillip (2004-09). Composite RCS frame systems: construction and peformance. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • The objective of this research program is to further evaluate the performance and constructability of reinforced concrete (RC) column-steel beam-slab systems (RCS) for use in low- to mid-rise space frame buildings located in regions of high wind loads and/or moderate seismicity. To better understand these systems, two full scale RCS cruciform specimens were tested under bidirectional quasi-static reversed cyclic loading. The experimental portion of this research program included the construction and testing of two full-scale cruciform specimens with identical overall dimensions but with different joint detailing. The two joint details evaluated were joint cover plates and face bearing plates with localized transverse ties. The construction process was recorded in detail and related to actual field construction practices. The specimens were tested experimentally in quasi-static reversed cyclic loading in both orthogonal loading directions while a constant axial force was applied to the column, to simulate the wind loads in a subassembly of a prototype building. To compliment the experimental work, nonlinear analyses were performed to evaluate the specimen strength and hysteretic degradation parameters for RCS systems. In addition, current recommendations in the literature on the design of RCS joints were used to estimate specimen joint strength and were compared with the experimental findings.

publication date

  • December 2003