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  • Astrophysical, terrestrial, and space-based searches for Lorentz violation are very briefly reviewed. Such searches are motivated by the fact that all superunified theories (and other theories that attempt to include quantum gravity) have some potential for observable violations of Lorentz invariance. Another motivation is the exquisite sensitivity of certain well-designed experiments and observations to particular forms of Lorentz violation. We also review some new predictions of a specific Lorentz-violating theory: If a fundamental energy m̄c2 in this theory lies below the usual GZK cutoff EGZK, the cutoff is shifted to infinite energy; i.e., it no longer exists. On the other hand, if m̄c2 lies above EGZK, there is a high-energy branch of the fermion dispersion relation which provides an alternative mechanism for super-GZK cosmic-ray protons. © 2004 Published by Elsevier B.V.

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  • Allen, R. E., & Yokoo, S.

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  • September 2004