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Montemayor, Benjamin Visiting Assistant Professor


Dr. Montemayor is a health behavior social scientist, with a background in alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD) research and quantitative research methodology. Dr. Montemayor's research spans a variety of ATOD content areas involving the assessments of substance using behaviors (i.e., alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and other drugs), including polysubstance use, and associated risk factors (e.g. cultural and social norms, motives, perceived risks). Specifically, his interests include the utility of prevention and intervention programming in ATOD use among adolescent and young adult at-risk minority populations and underrepresented sub-groups through tailored and relevant programming. Dr. Montemayor likes to utilize a harm reduction approach in ATOD use programming to mitigate the ways ATOD use impacts those from unrepresented backgrounds, and he incorporates theory to help explain and predict the future use of alcohol and other drugs. For example, his research looking at age-of-onset, Greek affiliation, and classification in college has helped collaborators revamp their intervention approach and content to fit the needs and behaviors of the student body. Additionally, his theoretical research has helped provide evidence-based, theoretically driven changes and approaches in addressing campus ATOD challenges.

Dr. Montemayor is experienced in all stages of ATOD use programming, including the development and implementation of both individual and group ATOD use intervention programs at numerous University's Health and Wellness Departments. Dr. Montemayor has experience in leading both individual and group focused ATOD intervention programs, including Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS), a harm-reduction, preventive intervention evidence-based approach to reducing alcohol use among college students who are active alcohol drinkers and who are at risk for alcohol-related problems.

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