Post-adult emergence development of genitalic structures in Schistocerca Stål and Locusta L. (Orthoptera: Acrididae) Academic Article uri icon


  • The male genitalia and female ovipositor in Schistocerca americana (Drury) (Orthoptera: Acrididae: Cyrtacanthacridinae) continue to develop after adult emergence. The internal skeleton comprising the phallic complex is affected by cuticle deposition, resulting in qualitative shape changes during sexual maturation. Lateral apodemes of the ovipositor also grow in length and width during sexual maturation. Similar developmental patterns are found in the male genitalia of S. gregaria (Forskål) and Locusta migratoria (Linnaeus), suggesting the possibility that post-adult emergence genitalic development may be widespread within Acridoidea. Newly emerged individuals may be functionally incapable of copulation because the necessary structures have not been fully matured. Taxonomic use of the genitalic structures is discussed in light of the present finding.

author list (cited authors)

  • Song, H.

publication date

  • January 2004