Synthesis and Characterization of Two Novel Fibrous Titanium Phosphates Ti2O(PO4)2·2H2O Academic Article uri icon


  • New crystalline phases of fibrous titanium(IV) oxophosphates were prepared hydrothermally from titanium(IV) chloride in phosphoric acid solutions. The influence of several factors (concentration of reagents, molar ratio P:Ti in the reaction mixture, and reaction times) was studied. A phase diagram of the system is given. On the basis of elemental and thermal analysis, X-ray powder diffraction, 31P MAS NMR, and IR spectroscopy, the formula Ti2O-(PO4)2·2H2O was assigned to the novel compounds. The new phases (π-TiP and ρ-TiP) have different structures. The crystal structure of ρ-TiP was solved from X-ray powder data and was shown to be of the framework type with tunnels parallel to the c-axis direction. The absence of n-alkylamine intercalation processes for both compounds and other physical and behavioral similarities suggests a framework type structure for π-TiP also. The ion-exchange behavior toward alkali and alkaline earth ions was studied.

author list (cited authors)

  • Bortun, A. I., Khainakov, S. A., Bortun, L. N., Poojary, D. M., Rodriguez, J., Garcia, J. R., & Clearfield, A.

publication date

  • December 1997