Long‐lived excited state of C 60 in C 60 /phthalocyanine heterojunction solar cell Academic Article uri icon


  • The photovoltaic properties of ITO (indium tin oxide)/C60/H 2(pc), (pc=phthalocyanine)/Au sandwich solar cells are investigated. The cell prepared at a higher vacuum (1×10-6 Torr) shows an open-circuit photovoltage (VOC) of 0.18 V, a short-circuit photocurrent (JSC) of 89 μA cm-2, a fill factor (ff) of 0.25, and an energy conversion yield (η) of 0.03% when illuminated by white light with 12.5 mW cm-2 intensity. The photocurrent action spectra of the cell reveal that photocurrent is generated at C60/H 2(pc) interface with diffusion of C60 excitons because the excited state of C60 has a relatively long lifetime, while the cell prepared at a lower vacuum (3×10-5 Torr) shows a much smaller photocurrent (JSC=1.4 μA cm-2) because oxygen in C 60 acts as carrier traps and increases the resistance of C 60. © 1996 American Institute of Physics.

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  • Murata, K., Ito, S., Takahashi, K., & Hoffman, B. M.

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  • January 1996