Purification and properties of filamin, and actin binding protein from chicken gizzard. Academic Article uri icon


  • Filamin, a protein recently identified in chicken gizzard (Wang, K., Ash, F., and Singer, S. J. (1975) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 72, 4483-4486), has been purified free of other components and its molecular properties have been examined. Filamin has a sedimentation constant (S020,w) of 8.86 S and a partial specific volume of 0.734 ml/g. Sedimentation equilibrium experiments give a value of 498,000 for the molecular weight of native filamin. From these data a frictional ratio of 2.32 has been calculated. On sodium dodecyl sulfate gel electrophoresis, filamin migrates as a single protein band with an estimated molecular weight of 240,000. Filamin is a soluble protein and under a variety of conditions tested does not by itself form filaments or precipitate from solution. However, filamin binds to rabbit skeletal muscle F-actin, and the complex is readily sedimented by centrifugation to yield a gelatinous pellet containing actin and filamin. These results indicate that filamin is a dimeric protein with a moderate degree of asymmetry that binds to actin. The results also suggest that the distribution of filamin in cells is derived from its interaction with polymerized actin.

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  • Shizuta, Y., Shizuta, H., Gallo, M., Davies, P., & Pastan, I.

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  • November 1976