Light Scattering Measurements of Energy Partitioning in Laser Air Sparks**Student support provided by a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship. Conference Paper uri icon


  • Laser light scattering provides a powerful diagnostic of plasmas and fluids in the form of Thomson and Rayleigh scattering1. In this work, we present time and space resolved collective Thomson scattering measurements of Teand nein the plasma core of atmospheric pressure air sparks generated with a 10ns pulse, 1064nm Nd:YAG laser. In the shockwave region, a combination of Rayleigh scattering and Filtered Rayleigh scattering are used to spatially and temporally resolve temperature, radial velocity and density. Filtered Rayleigh scattering is a technique whereby scattered light is spectrally filtered by an atomic or molecular gas to indirectly extract line shape information. These measurements cover a laser energy range of 30mJ to 100mJ and a temporal duration of 1-5μs after spark formation.

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  • Limbach, C. M., & Miles, R. B.

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  • May 2014