Economic and Policy Implications of Climate Change on Agricultural Water Conservation and Energy Issues Grant uri icon


  • Water issues are sensitive between regions, nations and even users, particularly in view of climate change. Periodic prolonged drought is part of the weather patterns of the South Central U.S. As a part of searching for solutions and alternatives, economics and policy play a strong role in helping guide decision makers including irrigation districts, municipalities, state agencies, federal agencies and others. This project is designed to continue work that has been implemented but expand it to new frontiers in water pricing, comparison of alternatives, and educating local decision makers on relevant issues and appropriate principles to consider. There will be development of teams across Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas addressing opportunities for the Ogallala including an optimum path of transition to a dryland agricultural economy. In addition, a team will be organized with Texas A&M AgriLife and Utah State University (Utah Water Lab) to define an integrated approach to addressing the components of water relative to water, agriculture, urban and rural communities, externalities and unanticipated impacts of policy, management and technology

date/time interval

  • 2017 - 2022