Cho, Gyoungil (2005-08). Design, fabrication, and testing of a variable focusing micromirror array lens. Doctoral Dissertation. Thesis uri icon


  • A reflective type Fresnel lens using an array of micromirrors is designed and fabricated using the MUMPs?? surface micromachining process. The focal length of the lens can be rapidly changed by controlling both the rotation and translation of electrostatically actuated micromirrors. The suspension spring, pedestal and electrodes are located under the mirror to maximize the optical efficiency. The micromirror translation and rotation are plotted versus the applied voltage. Relations are provided for the fill-factor and the numerical aperture as functions of the lens diameter, the mirror size, and the tolerances specified by the MUMPs?? design rules. Linnik interferometry is used to measure the translation, rotation, and flatness of a fabricated micromirror. The reflective type Fresnel lens is controlled by independent DC voltages of 16 channels with a 0 to 50V range, and translational and torsional stiffness are calibrated with measured data. The spot diameter of the point source by the fabricated and electrostatically controlled reflective type Fresnel lens is measured to test focusing quality of the lens.

publication date

  • August 2005