Synthesis and characterization of a novel layered sodium titanium silicate Na2TiSi2O7·2H2O Academic Article uri icon


  • A novel layered sodium titanium silicate Na2TiSi2O7·2H2O has been synthesized by the reaction of a titanium-hydrogen peroxide complex and silicic acid in alkaline media under mild hydrothermal conditions (200°C). The product was characterized by elemental analysis. TGA. FT-IR, MAS 29Si and 23Na NMR and X-ray spectroscopy. The intercalation reaction of n-alkylamines from the gaseous phase and the ion exchange behavior of Na,TiSi2O7·2H2O towards alkali, alkaline earth and some transition metal ions in model individual and complex solutions were studied. It was found that the layered sodium titanium silicate contains acidic hydroxyl functional groups, which results in cation uptake at pH>1.5. The high affinity of the exchanger for cesium in weakly acid and neutral solutions makes it a promising material for the treatment of some types of nuclear wastes, contaminated ground water and different biological liquors.

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  • Clearfield, A., Bortun, A. I., Bortun, L. N., & Cahill, R. A.

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  • January 1997