{2,6-Bis[(2,6-diisopropyl­phosphan­yl)­oxy]-4-fluoro­phenyl-κ3 P,C 1,P′}(1H-pyrazole-κN 2)nickel(II) hexa­fluoro­phosphate Academic Article uri icon


  • The title compound, [Ni(C(18)H(30)FO(2)P(2))(C(3)H(4)N(2))]PF(6), was prepared by halide abstraction with TlPF(6) in the presence of CH(3)CN in CDCl(3) from the respective neutral pincer chlorido analogue followed by addition of pyrazole. The PO-C-OP pincer ligand acts in typical trans-P(2) tridentate fashion to generate a distorted square-planar nickel structure. The Ni-N(pyrazole) distance is 1.925 (2) Å and the plane of the pyrazole ligand is rotated 56.2 (1)° relative to the approximate square plane surrounding the Ni(II) center in which the pyrazole is bound to the Ni(II) atom through its sp(2)-hybridized N atom. This Ni-N distance is similar to bond lengths in the other reported Ni(II) pincer-ligand square-planar pyrazole complex structures; however, its dihedral angle is significantly larger than any of those for the latter set of pyrazole complexes.

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  • Kwan, M., Conry, S. J., Carfagna, C. S., Press, L. P., Ozerov, O. V., Hoffman, N. W., & Sykora, R. E.

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  • October 2012