Role of Axial Donors in the Ligand Isomerization Processes of Quadruply Bonded Dimolybdenum(II) Compounds Academic Article uri icon


  • Quadruply bonded dimolybdenum(II) complexes with NP-R (2-(2-R)-1,8-naphthyridine; R = thiazolyl (NP-tz), furyl (NP-fu), thienyl (NP-th)) and 2,3-dimethyl-1,8-naphthyridine (NP-Me 2) have been synthesized by reactions of cis-[Mo2(OAc)2(CH3CN)6][BF4]2 with the corresponding ligands. The products cis-[Mo2(NP-tz)2(OAc)2][BF4]2 (1), trans-[Mo2(NP-fu)2(OAc)2][BF4]2 (2), trans-[Mo2(NP-th)2(OAc)2][BF4]2 (3), and trans-[Mo2(NP-Me2)2(OAc)2][BF4]2 (4) were isolated and characterized. The NP-R ligands with stronger R = pyridyl and thiazolyl donors result in cis isomers whereas the weaker furyl and thienyl appendages lead to compounds having a trans orientation of the ligands. The use of NP-Me2 leads to a trans structure with a tetrafluoroborate anion occupying one of the axial sites. Complete replacement of two acetate groups by acetonitrile in 1 and 2 resulted in the cis isomers [Mo2(NP-tz)2(CH3CN)4][OTf]4 (5) and [Mo2(NP-fu)2(CH3CN)4][OTf]4 (6) respectively. The combination of one acetate and two acetonitriles as ancillary ligands, however, yields trans-[Mo2(NP-tz)2(OAc)(CH3CN)2][BF4]3 (7) in the solid state as determined by X-ray crystallography. (1)H NMR spectra of the products are diagnostic of the cis and trans dispositions of the ligands. Solution studies reveal that the ligand arrangements observed in the solid state are mostly retained in the acetonitrile medium. The only exception is 7, for which a mixture of cis and trans isomers are detected on the NMR time scale. The isolation of trans compounds 2- 4 from the cis precursor [Mo2(OAc)2(CH3CN)6][BF4]2 indicates that an isomerization process occurs during the reactions. The mechanism involving acetate migration through axial coordination has been invoked to rationalize the product formation. Compounds 1- 7 were structurally characterized by single-crystal X-ray methods.

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  • Majumdar, M., Patra, S. K., Kannan, M., Dunbar, K. R., & Bera, J. K.

publication date

  • January 1, 2008 11:11 AM