Spectroscopic characterization of the hydrogen bonded OC–HI in supersonic jets Academic Article uri icon


  • The hydrogen bond OC-HI has been characterized using high resolution microwave and infrared spectroscopies in supersonic seeded molecular jets. Ground state molecular parameters of the 16O12C-HI and 16O13C-HI isotopic species determined by the pulsed-nozzle Fourier transform microwave supersonic jet technique include: for 16O12C-HI, B0 (MHz) =900.9522(1), DJ (kHz)=2.519(1), CN (kHz)=0.94(18), χ(MHz) =-1346.238(13), χJ (kHz)=-8.27(31). The corresponding values for 16O13C-HI are 882.5997(2), 2.404(2), 0.87(19), -1349.481(17), and -7.76(28). This analysis is consistent only with a linear equilibrium dimer structure in which the proton is bound to the carbon atom of carbon monoxide. Other derived dimer parameters include: r(C-I)=4.271(2) Å, αav=24.8°, kσ(N m-1) =1.713. Infrared diode laser investigations provide a band origin frequency ν0 of 2148.549 040(29) cm-1 for the ν2 C≡O stretching fundamental vibration. This corresponds to a blue shift of 5.277 28(37) cm-1 relative to free monomer CO. Excited state molecular constants B2=898.2728(33) MHz. and DJ(2)=2.614(24) kHz are also determined. Line profiles are consistent with an excited state lifetime ≥0.54 ns. © 1993 American Institute of Physics.

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  • Wang, Z., Lucchese, R. R., Bevan, J. W., Suckley, A. P., Rego, C. A., & Legon, A. C.

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  • February 1993