On the sampling and recovery of bandlimited functions via scattered translates of the Gaussian Academic Article uri icon


  • Let λ be a positive number, and let (xj : j ∈ Z) ⊂ R be a fixed Riesz-basis sequence, namely, (xj) is strictly increasing, and the set of functions {R ∋ t {mapping} ei xj t : j ∈ Z} is a Riesz basis (i.e., unconditional basis) for L2 [- π, π]. Given a function f ∈ L2 (R) whose Fourier transform is zero almost everywhere outside the interval [- π, π], there is a unique sequence (aj : j ∈ Z) in ℓ2 (Z), depending on λ and f, such that the function Iλ (f) (x) {colon equals} under(∑, j ∈ Z) aj e- λ (x - xj)2, x ∈ R, is continuous and square integrable on (- ∞, ∞), and satisfies the interpolatory conditions Iλ (f) (xj) = f (xj), j ∈ Z. It is shown that Iλ (f) converges to f in L2 (R), and also uniformly on R, as λ → 0+. In addition, the fundamental functions for the univariate interpolation process are defined, and some of their basic properties, including their exponential decay for large argument, are established. It is further shown that the associated interpolation operators are bounded on ℓp (Z) for every p ∈ [1, ∞]. © 2009 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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  • Schlumprecht, T. h., & Sivakumar, N.

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  • July 2009