Raman spectra and force constants for the nitric oxide dimer and its isotopic species Academic Article uri icon


  • The Raman spectra of the solid nitric oxide dimer (16O14N14N16O) and two of its isotopically substituted species (16O15N15N16O and 18O15N15N18O) at 12 K have been recorded and analyzed. The observed isotopic shifts demonstrate that fundamental vibrational frequencies for the normal isotopic species are at 1866 (ν1), 1762 (ν5), 268 (ν2), 215 (ν6), and 189 (ν3) cm-1. A band at 97 cm-1 may be due to the sixth vibration (ν4). The isotopic frequency shifts observed for the 495-cm-1 band demonstrate that this is the combination band ν2 + ν6 and is not a fundamental. The data for the three isotopic forms of cis-N2O2 made it possible for the first time to calculate a meaningful set of force constants for this molecule. The stretching force constant for the weak N-N bond was calculated to be 0.32 mdyn/Å. © 1984 American Chemical Society.

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  • Nour, E. M., Chen, L. H., Strube, M. M., & Laane, J.

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  • February 1984