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Raven, Sara Assistant Professor


Dr. Sara Raven is an assistant professor of science education at Texas A&M University. She has developed lines of scholarship that address areas of extreme need in science education and reflect her belief that all children - regardless of background or school context - should have access to high quality science learning experiences. Her work focuses on two interconnected lines of research in the field of science education: (1) science teaching and learning in preschool and early elementary classrooms, and (2) issues of equity and diversity in science education. Often, these lines co-exist in her work and are concurrently pursued. Her research within both lines revolves around aspects of a) student support, b) teacher preparation, and c) professional development for inservice teachers. Dr. Raven has published manuscripts in a variety of highly-respected peer-reviewed journals and books, and disseminated her research at international, national, regional, and state conferences. Dr. Raven is deeply passionate about her work, and is committed to continuing to pursue equity in science education.

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