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Burns, Jonathan Research Scientist - Faculty


I am an actinide scientist and radiochemist and currently perform research spanning a wide area of actinide science including development of new technologies for used nuclear fuel recycling; establishing methodologies for nuclear forensic applications as a means for deterrence of illicit or malicious use of nuclear material; and the development of radiopharmaceuticals through isotope development from both accelerator and reactor-based production pathways, primarily focusing on Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT) applications. All three of these areas fall under the broad umbrella of actinide science, which is the basis for all the research I conduct.

Research interests include:

? Actinide coordination and complexation in both solution and solid-state

? Actinide spectroscopy

? Americium chemistry

? Nuclear Materials

? Nuclear fuel cycle

? Nuclear nonproliferation

? Separations science

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HR job title

  • Associate Research Scientist - Faculty