Valentin, Marie Anttonitte (2018-05). Towards A Framework of the Employee Engagement Process Model, Examining the Moderation Effects of the Decision Making Process: An HRD Perspective. Doctoral Dissertation. Thesis uri icon


  • The purpose of this study was to examine a new theoretical framework of the Employee Engagement Process Model, by examining the relationship between antecedents and employee engagement, and how that relationship is moderated by the decision making process. Based on a review of literature, many prominent HRD scholars have alluded to the fact that employees experience a cognitive appraisal process before deciding to get involved in an antecedent intervention. This study utilizes a quantitative approach to research and utilized data collected from surveys to examine the relationship between antecedent factors, employee engagement, and the decision making process. Variables of interest included: Antecedent discourse construct (internal/external discourse, leadership discourse, job characteristics discourse, lower level hygiene discourse, and higher order discourse), decision making process construct (contextual [meaningfulness, safety, and psychological availability], emotional, and behavioral), and the construct of employee engagement (cognitive, emotional, and behavioral). The sample utilized for this study consisted of 643 participants (faculty and staff) from a community college district in the state of Texas. A model of the employee engagement process was designed and used as a basis for hypothesized relationships for this study. Research findings provide evidence that antecedent discourses used in this study are associated with employee engagement and may be used as predictors of engagement. Where antecedents may be defined as something that comes before or something else and may have influenced it or caused it and employee engagement may be defined as an employee exhibiting a determined attitude and a motivated state of mind toward their work role effort. Furthermore, findings also provide evidence that the decision making process moderated the relationship between antecedents and employee engagement.

publication date

  • May 2018