Hooks, Tiffany (2013-05). Examining the Under-Representation of Deaf Administrators and Coaches at Predominately Hearing Sport Organizations. Doctoral Dissertation. Thesis uri icon


  • Participation in Deaf sport is a major means of socialization in the Deaf community. It provides physical and psychological benefits, as well as opportunities for Deaf managers to further their leadership abilities. Given the importance of sport participation, and the prominence of Deaf sport organizations, it is incongruous that there is an under-representation of coaches and administrators who are Deaf in sport. Employing individual semi-structured interviews, data were gathered from five Deaf coaches and administrators currently employed within a predominately Deaf sport organization. First, the data were unitized, then categories were formed based on the similarities and differences of data being analyzed. Lastly, data were presented as themes best representing the experiences of the participants. Results indicate that Deaf coaches and administrators have interest working within hearing intercollegiate sports; however, oppression and overall disregard that Deaf coaches and administrators experience from the hearing world also serve to diminish these aspirations. The results of this study also suggest that Deaf coaches and administrators experience discriminatory treatment similar to that of other minority groups in the sport context. Furthermore, such discriminatory treatment encourages Deaf coaches and administrators to remain embedded within predominately Deaf sport organizations. This study allows for the voices of Deaf coaches and administrators to be heard while providing sport management practitioners and scholars with a better understanding of the discrimination Deaf individuals face.

publication date

  • May 2013