Hudson, Shane Lee (2007-09). A qualitative study of the performance diagnosis matrix at the individual level as a predictor of student-athlete success as identified by Division IA coaches in the Big 12 Conference. Doctoral Dissertation. Thesis uri icon


  • The intent of this study was to determine if menAcA?A?s football and menAcA?A?s basketball coaches at the university or college level utilize an assessment instrument when recruiting and evaluating potential student-athletes. Specifically studied through interviews were the characteristics that these coaches look for in successful and unsuccessful student-athletes, how they currently collect information during the recruitment period and the importance of collecting data on student-athletes. SwansonAcA?A?s Performance Diagnosis Matrix and Human Capital Theory framed the research. The population for this study consisted of current Division IA menAcA?A?s football and menAcA?A?s basketball coaches in the Big 12 Conference. Prior to contacting the Big 12 coaches a pilot study was conducted at two Division IA Universities and with a former head football coach at a Big 12 Conference University. These interviews were instrumental in the final development of the questions used to interview the Big 12 Conference coaches. The participants were sent a letter asking for their participation in the study and then were contacted by phone to set up an interview. The interviews were conducted in the months of July, August, and September 2006 by phone. This study found that most coaches do not have or utilize an assessment instrument. Significant data showed coaches believe that the evaluation process of student-athletes is the most difficult and critical part of their job. Using emergent category designation I found seven themes (characteristics) of successful student-athletes, as indicated by the coaches: competitive, a hard worker, has a supportive family, is a leader, has good character, and is honest. I also found the themes (characteristics) of an unsuccessful student-athlete to be: undisciplined, lacks character, has an unstable family and is not competitive. The study helps to define through research and development an assessment instrument to more effectively define the needs of student-athletes prior to entering universities and coaches will have additional data for meeting the needs of student-athletes.

publication date

  • September 2007