IDBR: TYPE B: Refinement of a miniature oceanographic data recorder that can be carried by marine mammals and other pelagic species for commerical production Grant uri icon


  • An award is made to Texas A&M University refine an oceanographic data recorder (ODR) and work with a company to make them commercially available to the biological and oceanographic communities. This project will train graduate and undergraduate interns in the use of the ODR. The graduate students will also participate in field tests. The instruments will be used to teach undergraduate students, including underrepresented groups, about ocean science. The oceans are a key element in understanding global climate and its potential effects on human society. The development and commercial availability of these instruments will contribute to this understanding. The ODRs can be attached to marine mammals, sea turtles, penguins and large fishes that range throughout the world's oceans and record detailed oceanographic data, especially in areas that are not frequently visited by research vessels. Data recorded by these instruments will provide valuable information on the world's oceans and climate. Most sub-surface oceanographic data have been obtained from ship-based surveys and the deployment of instruments that drift on the sea surface. Animal-borne instruments such as the ODR provide a low cost alternative for augmenting these data

date/time interval

  • 2015 - 2019