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  • This paper studies how varied damping factors in the Page Rank algorithm influence the ranking of authors and proposes weighted Page Rank algorithms. We selected the 108 most highly cited authors in the information retrieval (IR) area from the 1970s to 2008 to form the author co-citation network. We calculated the ranks of these 108 authors based on Page Rank with the damping factor ranging from 0.05 to 0.95. In order to test the relationship between different measures, we compared Page Rank and weighted Page Rank results with the citation ranking, h-index, and centrality measures. We found that in our author co-citation network, citation rank is highly correlated with Page Rank with different damping factors and also with different weighted Page Rank algorithms; citation rank and Page Rank are not significantly correlated with centrality measures; and h-index rank does not significantly correlate with centrality measures but does significantly correlate with other measures. The key factors that have impact on the Page Rank of authors in the author co-citation network are being co-cited with important authors. © 2009 ASIS & T.

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  • Ding, Y., Yan, E., Frazho, A., & Caverlee, J.

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  • 198

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  • July 2009