Universal Slow RI‐Beam Facility at RIKEN RIBF for Laser Spectroscopy of Short‐Lived Nuclei Conference Paper uri icon


  • A universal slow RI-beam facility (SLOWRI) for precision atomic spectroscopy is being built at the RIKEN Rl-beam factory. The facility will provide a wide variety of low-energy nuclear ions of all elements produced by projectile fragmentation of high-energy heavy-ion beams and thermalized by an RF-carpet ion guide. At prototype SLOWRI, radioactive Be isotope ions produced at 1 GeV were decelerated and cooled in an ion trap down to 1 jUeV by employing laser cooling. The ground state hyperfine structures of 7Be + and 11Be+ were measured accurately by laser microwave double resonance spectroscopy. Measurements of the S1/2 → P1/2,P3/2 transition frequencies of 7,9,l0,llBe+ ions are jn pr0gress aiming at the study of the nuclear charge radii. Other possible experiment at SLOWRI, such as mass spectroscopy, are also discussed. © 2009 American Institute of Physics.

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  • Wada, M., Takamine, A., Okada, K., Sonoda, T., Schury, P., Lioubimov, V., ... Schuessler, H. A.

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  • January 1, 2009 11:11 AM


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