Chromosomal location of Phosphoglucomutase7 locus in Gossypium hirsutum Academic Article uri icon


  • We report the first chromosomal assignment in the cotton genus, Gossypium, of a biochemical marker locus, specifically Phosphoglucomutase7 (Pgm7). Isozyme polymorphism was detedcted between the inbreds TM-1 (G. hirstutm L.) and Pima 3-79(G. barbadense L.). Analyses of these parents, their F1 hybrid and segregating F2 and testcross progenies indicated that Pgm7 determines the most cathodal phosphoglucomutase (PGM) isozyme bands and that the PGM isozymes are monomeric. Segregation analyses of self-progenies of monosomic BCnF1 interspeicfic hybrids and chromosome substitution lines indicated that the Pgm7 locus is located in chromosome 12. Self-progenies from monotelodisomic (Te12Lo) F1 interspecific hybrids that were hemizygous for the short arm of chromosome 12 segregated parental Pgm7 alleles, indicating that the Pgm7 locus is located in the long arm of chromosome 12. Testcrosses of the same monotelodisomic as male parent segregated in a normal Mendelian fashion, indicating that the locus is 50 cM or more from the centromere in the long arm of chromosome 12. The Pgm7 alleles of TM-1 and Pima 3-79 are probably identical to alleles Pgm7-2 and Pgm7-4, which have been described in the biosystematic literature. 1994 The American Genetic Association.

published proceedings

  • Journal of Heredity

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  • SAHA, S., & STELLY, D. M.
  • Saha, S., & Stelly, D. M.

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  • Saha, S||Stelly, DM

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  • January 1994