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Loria Lepiz, Mauricio Clinical Associate Professor


The majority of my teaching duties take place within the Anesthesia service, which provides anesthetic support to the Large Animal Hospital, Small Animal Hospital, and Diagnostic Imaging and Cancer Treatment Center. I lead small group rounds on basic and advanced topics in anesthesia with students and house officers, as well as one-on-one direction in hands-on application and troubleshooting of anesthetized patients of all species. My focus is on the principles of how to anesthetize, maintain and recover animals undergoing diagnostics and surgery for a wide variety of medical conditions. I also teach in related areas such as pain management, acid base balance, and cardiovascular and respiratory physiology. Formal course assignments include lecturing to 2VM and 3VM students, and most recently, serving as course coordinator for our primary anesthesia course (VSCS 930). As a native Spanish speaker, I also enjoyed serving as an instructor in our medical Spanish communication course. All activities listed in this section occur within the CVM at TAMU. All are required courses for the entire DVM class unless listed otherwise.

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  • Clinical Associate Professor