Synthesis of 1,9-bis[glycidyloxypropyl]penta(1′H,1′H,2′H,2′H-perfluoroalkylmethylsiloxane)s and copolymerization with piperazine Academic Article uri icon


  • A series of 1,9-bis[glycidyloxypropyl]pentasiloxanes (IV-VI) were prepared by the platinum catalyzed hydrosilylation of 1,9- dihydridodecamethylpentasiloxane (I), 1,9-dihydrido-3,5,7-tris(3′, 3′,3′-trifluoropropyl)heptamethylpentasiloxane (II), and 1,9-dihydrido-3,5,7-tris(1′H,1′H,2′H,2′H-perfluorooctyl) heptamethylpentasiloxane (III) with allyl glycidyl ether. Subsequently, IV-VI were copolymerized with piperazine to form high molecular weight copoly(carbosiloxane)s (VII-IX). The structures of the 1,9- bis[glycidyloxypropyl]penta-siloxanes (IV-VI) and copoly(carbosiloxane)s (VII-IX) were determined by 1H, 13C, 29Si, and 19F NMR as well as IR spectroscopy. The molecular weight distributions (Mw/Mn) of VII-IX have been characterized by gel permeation chromatography and their thermal properties measured by differential scanning calorimetry and thermal gravimetric analysis. © 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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  • Grunlan, M. A., Lee, N. S., & Weber, W. P.

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  • April 2004