Tools for Genomics-Assisted Breeding in Polyploids: Development of a Community Resource Grant uri icon


  • This proposal addresses the research in plant breeding, genetics, genomics, focus area. Polyploid specialty crops contribute significantly to food, fiber and ornamental production, with an annual US crop value over $9 billion and many times greater globally. Despite the importance of polyploid crops, the implementation of genomics-assisted breeding in these crops has lagged compared to diploid species. The major impediments to using genomic tools, based on extensive researcher and stakeholder consultations, are the limited availability of software suitable for polyploids (most tools are developed for diploid crops), technical expertise, and training. The present project addresses these deficiencies by developing computational tools for QTL analysis, genomic selection and haplotype analysis in polyploid crops; training polyploid breeders and geneticists to use these tools; and applying the tools for genomics-assisted breeding in public breeding programs for potato, blackberry, turfgrass, kiwi, sweetpotato and rose. A key output of the project is a Polyploid Breeding Community Resource web site to serve as a repository of the computational toolsets, genomic information, training datasets from several crops, and training materials. Success in this project will enable the routine use of genomic tools to accelerate the rate of genetic gain in a wide array of polyploid crop breeding programs, which will lead to cultivars with higher quality, greater productivity, and more resilience to biotic and abiotic stress. The project will have a long-term positive impact on specialty crop industries by training a new generation of plant breeders capable of using advanced computational tools for polyploid crops

date/time interval

  • 2020 - 2024