Ricci-flat metrics, harmonic forms and brane resolutions Academic Article uri icon


  • We discuss the geometry and topology of the complete, non-compact, Ricci-flat Stenzel metric, on the tangent bundle of Sn+1. We obtain explicit results for all the metrics, and show how they can be obtained from first-order equations derivable from a superpotential. We then provide an explicit construction for the harmonic self-dual (p, q)-forms in the middle dimension p + q = (n + 1) for the Stenzel metrics in 2(n + 1 ) dimensions. Only the (p, p)-forms are L2-normalisable, while for (p, q)-forms the degree of divergence grows with |p - q|. We also construct a set of Ricci-flat metrics whose level surfaces are U (1) bundles over a product of N Einstein-Khler manifolds, and we construct examples of harmonic forms there. As an application, we construct new examples of deformed supersymmetric non-singular M2-branes with such 8-dimensional transverse Ricci-flat spaces. We show explicitly that the fractional D3-branes on the 6-dimensional Stenzel metric found by Klebanov and Strassler is supported by a pure (2, 1)-form, and thus it is supersymmetric, while the example of Pando Zayas-Tseytlin is supported by a mixture of (1, 2) and (2, 1) forms. We comment on the implications for the corresponding dual field theories of our resolved brane solutions.

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  • Cvetic, M., Gibbons, G. W., Lu, H., & Pope, C. N.

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  • January 2003