Search for extraterrestrial point sources of high energy neutrinos with AMANDA-II using data collected in 2000-2002 Academic Article uri icon


  • The results of a search for point sources of high energy neutrinos in the northern hemisphere using data collected by AMANDA-II in the years 2000, 2001, and 2002 are presented. In particular, a comparison with the single-year result previously published shows that the sensitivity was improved by a factor of 2.2. The muon neutrino flux upper limits on selected candidate sources, corresponding to an Ev-2 neutrino energy spectrum, are included. Sky grids were used to search for possible excesses above the background of cosmic ray induced atmospheric neutrinos. This search reveals no statistically significant excess for the three years considered. 2005 The American Physical Society.

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  • Ackermann, M., Ahrens, J., Bai, X., Bay, R., Bartelt, M., Barwick, S. W., ... Yodh, G.

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  • Ackermann, M||Ahrens, J||Bai, X||Bay, R||Bartelt, M||Barwick, SW||Becka, T||Becker, KH||Becker, JK||Bernardini, E||Bertrand, D||Boersma, DJ||Böser, S||Botner, O||Bouchta, A||Bouhali, O||Braun, J||Burgess, C||Burgess, T||Castermans, T||Chirkin, D||Collin, B||Conrad, J||Cooley, J||Cowen, DF||Davour, A||De Clercq, C||DeYoung, T||Desiati, P||Ekström, P||Feser, T||Gaisser, TK||Ganugapati, R||Geenen, H||Gerhardt, L||Goldschmidt, A||Groß, A||Hallgren, A||Halzen, F||Hanson, K||Hardtke, D||Hardtke, R||Harenberg, T||Hauschildt, T||Helbing, K||Hellwig, M||Herquet, P||Hill, GC||Hodges, J||Hubert, D||Hughey, B||Hulth, PO||Hultqvist, K||Hundertmark, S||Jacobsen, J||Kampert, KH||Karle, A||Kelley, JL||Kestel, M||Kohnen, G||Köpke, L||Kowalski, M||Krasberg, M||Kuehn, K||Leich, H||Leuthold, M||Liubarsky, I||Lundberg, J||Madsen, J||Marciniewski, P||Matis, HS||McParland, CP||Messarius, T||Minaeva, Y||Miočinović, P||Morse, R||Münich, K||Nahnhauer, R||Nam, JW||Neunhöffer, T||Niessen, P||Nygren, DR||Ögelman, H||Olbrechts, Ph||Pérez de los Heros, C||Pohl, AC||Porrata, R||Price, PB||Przybylski, GT||Rawlins, K||Resconi, E||Rhode, W||Ribordy, M||Richter, S||Rodríguez Martino, J||Sander, HG||Schinarakis, K||Schlenstedt, S||Schneider, D||Schwarz, R||Silvestri, A||Solarz, M||Spiczak, GM||Spiering, C||Stamatikos, M||Steele, D||Steffen, P||Stokstad, RG||Sulanke, KH||Taboada, I||Tarasova, O||Thollander, L||Tilav, S||Wagner, W||Walck, C||Walter, M||Wang, YR||Wendt, C||Wiebusch, CH||Wischnewski, R||Wissing, H||Woschnagg, K||Yodh, G

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  • April 2005