NSF-S-Stem: Expanding Opportunities Through the Science Scholars Program Grant uri icon


  • Twenty-three academically talented students with financial need divided among three cohorts are receiving scholarships to begin their studies at the two-year institution, Palo Alto College, to be followed by transfer to Texas A & M University to complete their four-year degrees. The students will be transferring into the College of Science to pursue degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics. The course work being undertaken at Palo Alto is tailored to meet the terms of an existing articulation agreement between the two institutions such that the scholars are automatically accepted into Texas A & M and proceed seamlessly into the upper division courses. This program is increasing the number students from of underrepresented groups that are majoring in a STEM field. The Palo Alto College student population is predominantly Hispanic and their families'' first generation college students. Building on a previous successful program, the Palo Alto students and their families are being invited to a two-day institute. The students and their families are being housed in campus dormitories and dining at campus facilities. Students and their families are attending separate tracks. This is allowing the concerns of both the students and families to be addressed separately. The institute is acclimating families to their sons and daughters moving away from the home and for the students to begin to make connections to classmates and faculty.

date/time interval

  • 2008 - 2015