Emerging Issues in Tropical Ecohydrology; June 5-9, 2016; Cuena, Ecuador Grant uri icon


  • Tropical landscapes account for about one-fifth of the global land mass, produce most of the Earth''s streamflows and influence global as well as regional climates. Additionally, tropical landscapes are undergoing rapid changes due to both climate change and deforestation. The effects of these changes on water and biogeochemical processes, at a range of scales, are large but poorly understood. This Chapman Conference will examine current understanding of tropical ecohydrology and identify critical research needs in tropical systems. This Chapman Conference on "Emerging Issues in Tropical Ecohydrology" meeting will be held in Ceunca, Ecuador with three days of meetings and one day of field work. Themes will include (1) the influence of ecosystem degradation and recovery; (2) ecohydrological approaches and techniques for linking plant ecophysiological responses with watershed hydrology; (3) new concepts related to mechanistic assessment of the water balance across scales and across biomes (e.g., distributed modeling); (4) new techniques for measuring plant- and stream-water fluxes (e.g., stable isotopes, dendrochronology, sapflow, remote sensing, eddy covariance, distributed modeling); and (5) methods for building explicit linkages between ecophysiologists and ecohydrologists. The conference will result in a set of synthesis papers that lay out critical questions for ecohydrological research in the tropics and a cohesive strategy for addressing the most urgent ecohydrology research needs.

date/time interval

  • 2016