Johnson, Kristen Holmstrom (2010-08). Reduced-sensing Control Methods for Infinite-dimensional Systems. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • Infinite dimensional systems such as flexible airplane wings and Vertical Axis Wind

    Turbine (VAWT) blades may require control to improve performance. Traditional

    control techniques use position and velocity information feedback, but velocity information

    for infinite dimensional systems is not easily attained. This research investigates

    the use of reduced-sensing control for these applications.

    Reduced-sensing control uses feedback of position measurements and an associated filter state to stabilize the system dynamics. A filter state is a nonphysical

    entity that appends an additional ordinary differential equation to the system dynamics.

    Asymptotic stability of a system using this control approach is confirmed

    through a sequence of existing mathematical tools. These tools include equilibrium

    point solutions, Lyapunov functions for stability and control, and Mukherjee and

    Chen's Asymptotic Stability Theorem. This thesis research investigates the stability

    of a beam representing an airplane wing or a VAWT blade controlled using feedback

    of position and filter state terms only. Both of these infinite dimensional systems

    exhibit asymptotic stability with the proposed reduced-sensing control design. Additionally,

    the analytical stability response of the VAWT is verified through numerical


publication date

  • August 2010
  • August 2010