Thermophysical properties of gaseous carbon dioxidewater mixtures Academic Article uri icon


  • A Burnett-Isochoric (B-I) apparatus was used to obtain precise, experimental, vapor-phase P-ρ{variant}-T data for mixtures of 2%, 5%, 10%, 25%, and 50% water in carbon dioxide for temperatures from 323.15 K to 498.15 K at 25 K intervals, and pressures from 27 kPa to 10.34 MPa or the dew point at each temperature. Separate experimental measurements for pure water, along with corrected compressibility data from the literature, were used to characterize physical adsorption within the B-I apparatus using the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (B-E-T) adsorption model coupled with the sequential Burnett equations. The resulting adsorption constants were used to correct the compressibility data for the present mixtures and precise values were obtained for the second virial coefficients, enthalpies, and other derived thermodynamic properties. Interaction second virial coefficients, B12, and interaction third virial coefficients, C112 and C122, were also determined from the mixture virial coefficients. The densities are considered accurate to 5 10,000, and the mixture second virial coefficients to ±3 cm3/mol. In addition, dew points (±1 K and ±14 kPa) were also measured for the above mixtures by noting the change in slope of the isochores. © 1987.

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  • Patel, M. R., Holste, J. C., Hall, K. R., & Eubank, P. T.

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  • October 1987