Analysis of Two Transcription Activation Elements in the Promoter of the Developmentally Regulatedcon-10Gene ofNeurospora crassa Academic Article uri icon


  • The con-10 gene of Neurospora crassa is activated during conidiation. CRS-B (conidiation response sequence-B) and CGE (con-10 general enhancer) elements have been proposed to function as sites of transcriptional activation and as possible elements that confer developmental regulation to con-10. In a specific analysis of the roles of these elements we found that two CRS-B elements are necessary for full activation of con-10 during macroconidiation, whereas two CGE elements are functionally redundant, such that a single CGE is sufficient for maximal expression. However, CRS-B and CGE elements are not sufficient for developmental activation of a reporter gene. The CRS-B element was further dissected and one of the CRS-B elements appears to function in repression as well as activation. con-10 is also highly expressed during microconidiation, a different form of asexual sporulation, but we show here that CRS-B elements do not play a significant role in con-10 expression during microconidiation. Both CRS-B elements contribute to basal con-10 expression during mycelial growth. con-10 is also regulated by light, and CRS-B and CGE elements may play minor roles in controlling con-10 expression in response to light.

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  • Lee, K., & Ebbole, D. J.

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  • April 1998