Anisotropic magnetism and resistivity of an Al 70 Ni 15 Co 15 decagonal quasicrystal Academic Article uri icon


  • We report the results of dc magnetization and electrical resistivity studies of a single-domain Al70Ni15Co15decagonal quasicrystal. The temperature dependence and anisotropy of the electrical resistivity are in excellent agreement with previous results for a similar sample. The magnetic properties were determined by superconducting quantum interference device magnetometry over the temperature range 1.8-300 K for magnetic fields between 10 Oe and 10 kOe. The magnetic behavior can be characterized by a weak ferromagnetic component M0(H) which saturates in moderate fields (H≊1 kOe) and a differential susceptibility, χ0=ΔM/ΔH, obtainable from the high-field data. The observed magnetization M=χ0H+M0is slightly anisotropic and essentially temperature independent below room temperature. For H parallel to the quasicrystal axis, we observe χ0∥=7. 1×10-7emu/g and M0∥=2.0×10-3emu/g. For H perpendicular to the quasicrystal axes, we obtain χ0⊥=8.2×10-7emu/g and M0⊥=1.7×10-3emu/g. An anisotropic and weak superconducting transition was observed at T=3.2 K, corresponding to a superconducting volume fraction of only ∼10-3.

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  • Markert, J. T., Cobb, J. L., Bruton, W. D., Bhatnagar, A. K., Naugle, D. G., & Kortan, A. R.

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  • November 1994