Low-Momentum NN Interactions in a Renormalization Group Approach Chapter uri icon


  • 2005 The American Physical Society. An all-order summation of core-polarization diagrams using the low-momentum nucleon-nucleon interaction Vlow.k is presented. The summation is based on the Kirson-Babu-Brown (KBB) induced interaction approach in which the vertex functions are obtained self-consistently by solving a set of nonlinear coupled equations. It is found that the solution of these equations is simplied using Vlow.k, which is energy independent, and using the Greens functions in the particle-particle and particle-hole channels. We have applied this approach to the sd-shell effective interactions and nd that the results we calculated to all orders by using the KBB summation technique are remarkably similar to those of second-order perturbation theory, the average differences being less than 10%.

author list (cited authors)

  • Holt, J. D., Holt, J. W., Kuo, T., Brown, G. E., & Bogner, S. K.

Book Title

  • The NucleonNucleon Interaction and the Nuclear Many-Body Problem

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  • January 1, 2010 11:11 AM