Improved measurement of the hyperfine structure of the laser cooling level $$4f^{12}(^3H_6)5d_{5/2}6s^2$$ 4 f 12 ( 3 H 6 ) 5 d 5 / 2 6 s 2 $$(J=9/2)$$ ( J = 9 / 2 ) in $${}^{169}_{,,69}{{mathrm {Tm}}}$$ 69 169 Tm Academic Article uri icon


  • 2015, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. We report on an improved measurement of the hyperfine constant of the (Formula presented.) excited state of 69169Tm which is involved in the second-stage laser cooling of Tm. To measure the absolute value of the hyperfine splitting interval, we used Doppler-free frequency modulation saturated absorption spectroscopy of Tm atoms in a vapor cell. The sign of the hyperfine constant was determined independently by spectroscopy of laser-cooled Tm atoms. The hyperfine constant of the level was determined to be AJ=-422.112(32)MHz from the energy difference between the two hyperfine sublevels, -2110.56(16)MHz. In relation to the saturated absorption measurement, we quantitatively treat contributions of various mechanisms to the line broadening and shift. We consider power broadening in the case when Zeeman sublevels of atomic levels are taken into account. We also discuss the line broadening due to frequency modulation and relative intensities of transitions in saturated absorption experiments.

published proceedings

  • Applied Physics B

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  • Fedorov, S. A., Vishnyakova, G. A., Kalganova, E. S., Sukachev, D. D., Golovizin, A. A., Tregubov, D. O., ... Sorokin, V. N.

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  • Fedorov, SA||Vishnyakova, GA||Kalganova, ES||Sukachev, DD||Golovizin, AA||Tregubov, DO||Khabarova, K Yu||Akimov, AV||Kolachevsky, NN||Sorokin, VN

publication date

  • December 2015