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  • We have studied possible candidates for laser cooling transitions in 169Tm in the spectral region of 410-420 nm. By means of saturation absorption spectroscopy, we have measured the hyperfine structure and rates of two nearly closed cycling transitions from the ground state 4f 136s2(2F0)(Jg=7/2) to upper states 4f12(3H5)5d3/26s 2(Je=9/2) at 410.6 nm and 4f12( 3F4)5d5/26s2(Je=9/2) at 420.4 nm and evaluated the life times of the excited levels as 15.9(8) ns and 48(6) ns, respectively. Decay rates from these levels to neighboring opposite-parity levels are evaluated by means of Hartree-Fock calculations. We conclude that the strong transition at 410.6 nm has an optical leak rate of less then 2×10-5 and can be used for efficient laser cooling of 169Tm from a thermal atomic beam. The hyperfine structure of two other even-parity levels, which can be excited from the ground state at 409.5 nm and 418.9 nm, is also measured by the same technique. In addition, we give a calculated value of 7(2) s-1 for the rate of magnetic-dipole transition at 1.14 μm between the fine structure levels (Jg=7/2) ↔(J'g=5/2) of the ground state which can be considered as a candidate for applications in atomic clocks. © 2007 Springer-Verlag.

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  • Kolachevsky, N., Akimov, A., Tolstikhina, I., Chebakov, K., Sokolov, A., Rodionov, P., Kanorski, S., & Sorokin, V.

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  • 15

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  • November 2007