Thioether, Dinitrogen, and Olefin Complexes of (PNP)Rh: Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Exchange and Oxidative Addition Reactions Academic Article uri icon


  • A variety of (PNP)Rh-L complexes (where L = organic sulfide or sulfoxide, dinitrogen, or tertbutylethylene) have been synthesized by trapping transient (PNP)Rh (1) in situ. Equilibrium studies established the relative affinity of the (PNP)Rh fragment (1) for various L in the following ofder (of decreasing affinity): Ph 2SO > SBu 2n > SPhMe > dibenzothiophene > SPh 2 > benzothiophene > SPr 21 > thiophene SBu tMe > SBu 2s H 2C=CHCMe 3 SBu 2t. Dinitrogen reacted with 1 to yield a mixture of terminal and bridging N 2 complexes and was found to bind more strongly than SPr 2i. Reaction of (PNP)Rh(SPr 2i) (10) with PhHal led to the corresponding oxidative addition products (PNP)Rh(Ph)(Hal) (Hal = Cl, 18a; Hal = Br, 18b; Hal = I, 18c). The relative rates of oxidative addition of PhHal to 10 were found to be in the order PhI > PhBr > PhCl. Kinetic studies of the reaction of 10 with PhBr were consistent with the reaction proceeding via reversible dissociation of SPr 2i, followed by irreversible addition of PhBr. Evidence for a similar dissociative mechanism for the conversion of 10 to (PNP)Rh(S(O)Ph 2) in a ligand exchange reaction was also discovered. Solid-state structures of [(PNP)Rh] 2(N 2) (19a) and (PNP)Rh(H 2C=CHCMe 3) (21) were determined using X-ray crystallography. Approximately squareplanar geometry about Rh was registered. 2007 American Chemical Society.

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  • Organometallics

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  • Gatard, S., Guo, C., Foxman, B. M., & Ozerov, O. V.

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  • Gatard, Sylvain||Guo, Chengyun||Foxman, Bruce M||Ozerov, Oleg V

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  • November 2007