A mixed-metal salt comprised of metal-metal bonded dinuclear ions: structure and properties of [Rh2(OAc)2(MeCN)6][Re2Cl8] Academic Article uri icon


  • The unusual salt [Rh2(OAc)2(MeCN)6][Re2Cl8] (1) is produced from a methathetic reaction of the salt [NBu4n]2[Re2Cl8] with [Rh2(OAc)2(MeCN)6][BF4]2. Crystal data for 1: Pccn, a=27.42(1), b=26.736(4), c=18.137(5) Å, V=13.296(7) Å3, Z=16, Dcalc=2.450 g/cm3, μ(Mo Kα)=90.05 cm-1, R=0.078, Rw=0.109 for 483 parameters and 5229 data with Fo2>3σ(Fo)2. The new salt constitutes the only example of a structure wherein the octachlorodirhenate unit is present in three different crystallographic environments in the same unit cell. The asymmetric unit contains two independent [Rh2]2+ cations together with one [Re2Cl8]2- anion at full occupancy and two dirhenium anions each at half-occupancy. The synthesis, structure, key spectroscopic properties and solution behavior of 1 are presented and discussed. © 1994.

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  • Dunbar, K. R., Pence, L. E., & Thomas, J.

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  • March 1994