Elucidation of the reversible carbon monoxide reactions of a paramagnetic rhodium( II ) complex Academic Article uri icon


  • Coordination of carbon monoxide to the rhodium(II) ether-phosphine complex [Rh(tmpp)2][BF4]2 1 [tmpp = tris(2,4,6-trimethoxyphenyl)phosphine] initiates a redox reaction to produce the rhodium(III) complex [Rh(tmpp)2][BF4]3 2 and the dicarbonyl rhodium(I) species [Rh(tmpp)2(CO)2][BF 4] 3; the latter readily loses a CO ligand to form [Rh(tmpp) 2(CO)][BF4] 4 which enters into a second redox reaction with 4 to regenerate the original rhodium(II) radical 1.

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  • Dunbar, K. R., Haefner, S. C., & Swepston, P. N.

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publication date

  • January 1991