Diamondoid and Square Grid Networks in the Same Structure. Crystal Engineering with the Iodo···Nitro Supramolecular Synthon Academic Article uri icon


  • In principle, an organic diamondoid structure could follow from any of four possibilities: a single molecule of the type AX4 assembles via X⋯X interactions; two molecules, e.g. AX4 and BY4, assemble via X⋯Y interactions; either of the first two possibilities is modified with appropriate linear spacer molecules; a single molecule AX2Y2 assembles via X⋯Y interactions. This communication deals with the last possibility, wherein the X⋯Y link is based on the polarization-assisted I⋯O2N synthon. A notable feature of the crystal structure of 4,4′-diiodo-4″,4‴-dinitrotetraphenylmethane (1) is the existence of a divergent mode of iodo-nitro association. The Td nodes of 1 are interconnected with the I atom bifurcated by O atoms from two NO2 groups such that each molecule of 1 is connected to eight others through I⋯O contacts. The result is a combination of 5-fold diamondoid and 3-fold square grid networks. All I⋯O interactions observed are short and strong, and there is a pronounced tendency to achieve close packing with the two coexisting networks.

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  • Thaimattam, R., Sharma, C., Clearfield, A., & Desiraju, G. R.

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  • March 2001