• Crystals of trans-azidobis(acetylacetonato)ethylenediiminepyridine-cobalt(HI), Ct7H23N6 OaCo, are monoclinic with [formula omitted] The space group is P2,/c, with z = 4. This yields a calculated density (V - 1898 3) of 1.367 g/cm3 which compares to an observed density of 1.37 g/cm Intensity data were obtained with a CAD-4 automated counter diffractometer using the 2 scan technique. The structure was solved by a combination of Patterson and Fourier methods (1854 reflections above background). Refinement by block-diagonal least squares procedures let to a final A of 0.045 and a weighted residual, Rw> of 0.039. The cobalt is six coordinate with the BAE ligand occupying the equatorial plane. The chelate rings are nonplanar being twisted in opposite directions and folded towards the azide group. The azide group is linear (N-N-N = 176.6) with unequal bond lengths (1.186(8), 1.133(9)). The Co-N-N bond angle is 116.9. Equatorial Co-N bonds average 1.913(8) A while the axial Co-N bonds are 1.980(5) A for pyridine and 1.952(5) for the azide group. All other bond distances and angles are regular. The question of pi interactions in the axial ligands is discussed. 1978, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. All rights reserved.

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  • Journal of Coordination Chemistry

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  • Clearfield, A., Gopal, R., Kline, R. J., Sipski, M., & Urban, L. O.

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  • Clearfield, Abraham||Gopal, Ramanathan||Kline, Robert J||Sipski, Marilee||Urban, Ludvick O

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  • January 1978