Mechanism of ion exchange in crystalline zirconium phosphates. VII. Crystal structure of .alpha.-zirconium bis(ammonium orthophosphate) monohydrate Academic Article uri icon


  • The crystal structure of the ammonium ion exchanged phase of α-zirconium phosphate, Zr(NH4PO4)2. H2O, has been determined. The space group is P21/c with a = 9.131(5) Aα, b = 5.417(5) Å, c = 19.19(1) Å, and β = 102.7(1)°. There are four molecules per unit cell. The structure is essentially that of α-zirconium phosphate with the layers spread apart to accommodate the ammonium ions. Each ammonium ion is surrounded by four P-O--type oxygen atoms. Each such oxygen atom has in turn four ammonium ion near neighbors. The water molecule resides between the ammonium ions and is sufficiently close to hydrogen bond to them.

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  • Clearfield, A., & Troup, J. M.

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  • January 1973