1,1,12,12-Tetra-n-butyl[1.1]stannaferrocenophane: Preparation and crystal and molecular structure Academic Article uri icon


  • The compound 1,1,12,12-tetra-n-butyl[1.1]stannaferrocenophane, C36H52Fe2Sn2, was obtained from the reaction of 1,1′-dilithioferrocene-tetramethylethylenediamine with di-n-butyltin dichloride. The crystal is triclinic with a = 10.217(3), b = 10.748(4), c = 10.173(3) Å, α = 116.34(3), β = 90.21(2), γ = 116.35(2)°, V = 868.7 Å3. The structure was solved by conventional three-dimensional Patterson heavy-atom methods using 4013 unique reflections having intensities greater than 3δ. Refinement was carried out by a full-matrix least-squares technique to a final R of 0.046. The molecule consists of two ferrocene moieties linked to each other through tin atoms. Bond distances and angles are regular. One butyl group on each tin atom is disordered. © 1983.

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  • Clearfield, A., Simmons, C. J., Withers, H. P., & Seyferth, D.

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  • January 1983