Intercalation of n-alkylamines by α -zirconium phosphate Academic Article uri icon


  • The intercalation behaviour of α-zirconium phosphate, Zr(HPO4)2·H2O, towards n-alkylamines has been examined. Amines with small carbon chains (C1-C4) initially form a phase in which the chain backbone lies parallel to the zirconium phosphate layers. As more amine is intercalated the amines form a bilayer in which the carbon chains incline at roughly 60° to the zirconium phosphate layers. Methyl and propylamine form disordered gels at intermediate levels of intercalation but recrystallize at high levels of amine uptake. The longer-chain amines form a bilayer even at low uptakes. The wet intercalates contain 10-12 mol water per formula weight, mostly as interparticle water rearrangement. On drying to the monohydrates, the interlayer spacings do not change when the solids have a high amine content. At lower amine contents the amine rearranges to yield phases with lower interlayer spacings.

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  • Tindwa, R. M., Ellis, D. K., Peng, G., & Clearfield, A.

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  • 65

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  • January 1985