Coordination of alane and aluminum alkyls to the N-donor atom of side chain functionalized cyclopentadienyl iron and nickel complexes; structure of {[(C5H5)(C5H4CH2NMe2)]Fe}2AlH3 Academic Article uri icon


  • The synthesis of iron and nickel complexes with interaction of alane and trialkylaluminum compounds to the amino group is described. Treatment of [2-(N, N-dimethylamino)methyl] ferrocene [(C5H5)(C5H4CH2NMe2)] Fe (1) with trimethylaminealane (H3Al-NMe3), leads to the formation of the iron alane complex {[(C5H5)(C5H4CH2NMe2)]Fe}2AlH3 (2), with a five-coordinated aluminum center. The structure of 2 has been determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The reaction of FeCl2 with two equivalents of {(C5H4CH2CH2NMe2)Li} leads to the formation of [(C5H4CH2CH2NMe2)2Fe] (3). Complex 3 reacts quantitatively with two equivalents of trimethylaluminum to the compound [(C5H4CH2CH2NMe2)2Fe](AlMe3)2 (4). Addition of trimethylaluminum or triethylaluminum to the nickel complex [(C5H4CH2CH2NMe2)2Ni]Ni (5) give the paramagnetie nickel aluminum compounds [(C5H4CH2CH2NMe2)2Ni](AlMe3)2 (6a) and [(C5H4CH2CH2NMe2)2Ni](AlEt3)2 (6b), respectively. These compounds were characterized by 1H, 13C and 27Al NMR, elemental analysis and mass spectroscopy. Studies to deposit intermetallic thin films using these compounds as bimetallic single source precursors revealed that aluminum was deposited, only. © 1997 Elsevier Science S.A.

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  • Nlate, S., Herdtweck, E., Blümel, J., & Fischer, R. A.

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  • January 1997