Zutavern, Zachary Scott (2006-08). Identification of rotordynamic forces in a flexible rotor system using magnetic bearings. Doctoral Dissertation. Thesis uri icon


  • Methods are presented for parameter identification of an annular gas seal on a flexiblerotor test rig. Dynamic loads are applied by magnetic bearings (MBs) that support the rotor. MB forces are measured using fiber-optic strain gauges that are bonded to the poles of the MBs. In addition to force and position measurements, a finite element (FE) rotor model is required for the identification algorithms. The FE rotor model matches free-free characteristics of the test rotor. The addition of smooth air seals to the system introduces stiffness and damping terms for identification that are representative of reaction forces in turbomachines. Tests are performed to experimentally determine seal stiffness and damping coefficients for different running speeds and preswirl conditions. Stiffness and damping coefficients are determined using a frequency domain identification method. This method uses an iterative approach to minimize error between theoretical and experimental transfer functions. Several time domain approaches are also considered; however, these approaches do not produce valid identification results. Stiffness coefficients are measured using static test results and an MB current and position based model. Test results produce seal coefficients with low uncertainties for the frequency domain identification method. Static test uncertainties are an order of magnitude larger, and time domain attempts fail to produce sealIn addition to the primary identification research, an investigation of the relationships between MB force, strain, and magnetic field is conducted. The magnetic field of an MB is modeled using commercial FE software. The magnetic field model is used to predict strain measurements for quasi-static test conditions. The strain predictions are compared with experimental strain measurements. Strain predictions agree with experimental measurements, although strain is typically over-predicted. coefficient measurements.

publication date

  • August 2006