Improving ruminant animal health in the Texas Panhandle Grant uri icon


  • The overarching goals of this project are to improve the health and welfare of cattle and the sustainability of beef and dairy production in the Texas Panhandle, thereby improving public health which relies on the production of safe and wholesome beef and dairy products. Specifically, this project seeks to enhance animal health and welfare and sustainable beef and dairy production through improved disease diagnosis and management with a focus on pathogen ecology. Additionally, this project will inform and promote judicious antimicrobial use in cattle and explore the impact of antimicrobial resistancerelated to cattle pathogens via both basic and applied research. As we improve our knowledge regarding how and when and why these bacteria and viruses affect cattleand learn more about how to preserve both animal and public health through the judicious use of antimicrobials, we can develop improved strategies to mitigate the negative effects of these diseases and promote sustainable beef and dairy production.

date/time interval

  • 2018 - 2023